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MD-Engineering designs, manufactures and rebuilds parts for the DeLorean DMC-12. Below are some examples of our products. Use the left hand side menu to see the products of your interest.

DeLorean Car Projects is het European distributor/reseller of our products.


RPM Relay

Rebuilt RPM relay in DMC case

MD Engeneering designed an entirely new and modern circuit board containing SMD components. No more risk of failure due to decreased heat inside this relay. Added functionality to start fuel pump for 15 seconds once ignition key is turned ON.
Remark: Old core is used for rebuilding. Your old DMC RPM relay therefore must be returned (either core charge or prior to shipping the new relay).
Order code: DCP-10011

Fan Fail relay kit

All new Fan and Fan Fail relays


No longer need for the temporary solution with the 3 prong wire and fuses! We designed new relays for the Fan and Fan Fail relays. Modern SMD components in a sealed case.

Added functionality:
* Integrated fuse holders in Fan Fail relay
* Fan Fail LED reports fan failure for each of the fans
* Fans will run for 20 seconds after ignition is turned off
Order code: DCP-10071