How can I order ?


Terms & Conditions :

All products are supplied according the product specification. It is however possible that the specifications of the products received differ from the product information on the web site. This usually happens as a result of technical advance and in general has no consequense for the product's functioning.


All products come with a warranty of 12 months. The applicable warranty period is always mentioned in the invoice's product line.


Warranty and Term and Conditions are at the back of the invoice. A copy of these will be sent upon request. Click here to receive a copy in PDF format of the Terms and Conditions. For this you will need a PDF reader, e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader or PDF XChangeViewer.


Should the order found to be incomplete or should there be defects upon reception, you'll have to report as soon as possible, at the most within 2 work days. You are free to use either telephone, fax, or e-mail.

Order charges:

Order charges mentioned below are exclusively for orders from The Netherlands to be delivered within The Netherlands.

Order charges for orders from abroad will be provided after reception of the order. We will send an order confirmation with the total amount, including shipping charges, to be paid.


By telephone :

At office hours (GMT+1: Mon through Thu 09:30-12:30 and 14:00-17:00, Fri only 09:30-12:30) to +31 (0) 299 751206

We prefer ordering by e-mail.


The e-mail address for ordering is "sales"<at> "deloreancarprojects.com" E-mail DCP Sales click here

2. In the subject line ONLY mention "order"
3. Provide your full name, address, postal code, city, country (if abroad) and your telephone number.
4. If found, provide the Order Code of the product you want and if found, also the price.
5. Mention which way you want to pay: in advance (by bank) or through PayPal.
6. Have you been unable to detect an Order Code (you do not have a price-list or the price is not mentioned on the web site), mark your order with "send total order amount ". You then will receive a message with the total amount to pay.
7. An e-mail order with "send total order amount " or "in advance " always will be confirmed!

How can I pay ?

Credit Card:

We would like to be of service this way, however this is not an option yet.
Select therefore another method of payment below.
In Advance through PayPal:
An alternative for Credit Card is paying through PayPal, for which mainly the same rules apply as for prepayment by bank. PayPal however charges handling. Orders paid through PayPal therefore are subject to slightly higher order charges: euro 15,00 (within The Netherlands). When ordering and wishing to use PayPal, mention "PayPal payment".


In advance by bank :

Order charges (within The Netherlands) per order: euro 10,00 incl. VAT

After having received your order you will receive a confirmation containing the total amount of your order and a pre-payment number as well as the number of our bank account.

Mention this pre-payment number in your bank transfer. Once your payment is in our account we will ship the products to you by mail.


Cash on Delivery (Only in The Netherlands) :

Order charges (COD service ONLY within The Netherlands) per order: euro 33,88 incl. VAT

Upon reception of your order the products will be dispatched.

You have to pay the mailman/driver before he hands over the parcel!


I want to order NOW: send an e-mail or call!