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NEW "Stock look-alike" Custom Wheels
This project has been started to overcome the future unavailabilty of the proper size tires.
Unfortunately the current economical situation created a set-back as the majority of the owners who acknowledged their financial support, have withdrawn their commitment.
Nevertheless once the situation is back to normal we will revive the project. At that time we will contact the owners who have registered their commitment to invite them to revive their commitment and participate again in this project.
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We have one project under construction

Sidemarker LED units When trying to cut down on power consumption, using LED in a car's lighting system is obvious. That's why using LED in sidemarkers that will be on with the main lights is - maybe not a first, but surely - a good choice.

For this project new PCB's (circuit boards) have been designed. Of course nowadays state-of-the-art electronic parts are used. This makes both size and construction more up to the task in a car. The LED units used all consist of chips, each having 3 LED chips on it. This makes 24 LED lights on each of the sidemarker boards.

Overload and overheating protecting is built-in into the design, as well as a finishing coating preventing moisture and water damaging the electronics. The units are not polarised, so wrong electrical polarity connections can't harm the electronics.
When will the sidemarker units be available? To Be Announced
What will be the purchase price? To Be Announced